Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As of today this blog has shifted to Same user, but I'm using a different account that has more blog support and functionality.

Your Room Is Never Big Enough

The "Crap" Corner
Since the beginning of time, the corner of the room in front of my bed has been devoted to storing random junk and tidbits, and since the beginning of time, its storage capacity has more than sufficed. Turns out that that's not the case anymore. Between the new chemistry lab apron, the goggles, the coffee machine, the desk lamp, the bedding set, the memory foam bedding pads FOR the bedding set, and the other necessities of college I have blown my summer paychecks on, the stuff in "the corner" has started encroaching into the stuff "in the middle of my room". My temporary solution? Toss stuff into random closets throughout the house in the hopes I actually remember where I put it by the time I actually move out. But I do stress this as merely a "temporary solution" as the minifridge is set to come in the mail next week... garage perhaps as the next course of expansion?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Post

9 Days and 21 hours until move in.
Sorry Bothell, I can't wait to leave :-)
Hihi blogger world. Here is the almighty first post - something people will initially will think is hugely important before they realize its really the post no one ever sees because you have no followers. Anyways, I'm still stuck in Bothell - a week and a half until move in and final college preparations are being made. Among them, of course, was the imminent creation of a blog. What will I post here? Pandemonium with the Robby the roommate? Campus thoughts? The best pho shop on the Ave? Photos from the BBQ's in the brand new Poplar Hall I'll be residing in this year? Perhaps a combination of all of the above. But one thing is for sure - I'll have sold my soul to another technological evil: Blogger. Oh well, there's enough of it to go around between facebook, google, microsoft, youtube, and amazon. Stay tuned.